Initial meeting

The purpose of our first meeting with you is for us to get an idea about your needs – how you would like to use your garden, and any design concepts you have.

This initial meeting usually takes around twenty to thirty minutes.

After this visit, if all parties feel your project is a good fit for Juniper, we can proceed to the next stages. If you are planning a relatively simple project such as a driveway or patio, we may be able to give you an estimated quote after this visit. If the garden is large and complex, particularly in terms of levels, we may advise a second visit and full site survey.

Site survey

For more complex garden redesigns, we will next visit to carry out a survey of your garden. This involves taking measurements and photographs, and noting important features of the site and its context. This will help us understand the site’s opportunities and constraints.

We will ask you to provide an idea of your budget, so that we can understand what kinds of design ideas may be possible.

This site survey visit costs between £350-500 (plus VAT) depending on the size of the garden. Fifty percent of this survey is refundable on completion of the project.

Basic sketch

Final design details (via email)

For the latter stage of the design process, we will refine our proposal and produce a scaled master plan showing the layout of the new garden design. This will include some suggestions of key materials and features, together with a final quotation.

Material samples can be provided at this stage. Planting designs and 3D sketch-up models are also available.

3D design

Green Policy

We take our environmental and social impact seriously. Steps we have taken include moving away from using artificial grass; composting and recycling our waste wherever possible; and using certified ethically sourced materials.

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